Transform Old Surfaces

ACP offers all products needed to produce a ACP Hiperfloor – from professional floor grinding machines and tools to the substances used to fill, harden polish and protect the floor surface.

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1. Grind

The concrete floor is first ground to establish the required flatness and/or aggregate exposure. This also removes what is in many cases the softer, unstable surface layer.

2. Fill

Small holes, air-bubbles and other small surface imperfections are then filled using to ensure a smooth uniform surface.

3. Harden

The concrete is then treated with a water based hardener. This produces a hardened surface and creates a non-dusting floor.

4. Polish

Polishing via progressively finer stages of resin bond diamond tools is done to achieve the desired surface gloss.

5. Protect

Protection by impregnation is finally done to enhance water and stain resistance of floor.

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