Extremely Durable

Hiperfloor increases hardness and abrasion resistance to a level where the surface is extremely wear-resistant; hence a very effective solution for high traffic and industrial flooring areas. The requirement for surface coatings in many applications is eliminated, avoiding the very real possibility of flaking, peeling or delamination often associated with such topical products.

Environmentally Friendly

Hiperfloor is a smart solution to reduce environmental impact from a number of different aspects. It reduces material wastage and future surface replacements / refurbishments, as well as lighting energy requirements. It incorporates products whith low environmental impact, and there is no need for reapplications of topical coatings to maintain a desired finish or to prevent concrete from wear.

Low Life-Cycle Cost

The combination of extremely high wear resistance, low maintenance requirements, easy cleaning and reduced energy consumption, all result in a quick return on investment and very low long-term life cycle cost.

Hygenic & Slip-Resistant

The hard, glossy surface of a ACP Hiperfloor is easy to clean and therefore suitable for areas with high hygienic requirements, such as hospitals, food production facilities etc. Despite its glossy appearance, a ACP Hiperfloor has a high friction coefficient, and can be installed to conform to a variety of slip resistance classifications.

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